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X-Badeng river tubing now turns to X-Badeng Rafting, pumping your adrenaline much more [REPOST]

Hello dear friends,
Have you ever had a river tubing adventure? I had it last week. It was so cool, pumped up adrenaline. Having river tubing adventure was not in my plan. My mates from Surabaya and Jember visited Banyuwangi for their job and prolonged up to weekend. They asked me to bring them to the place they haven’t visited. It was so confusing since two weeks before we went to Ijen crater and Baluran National Park. I will tell you something, we are vacation freaks. And Banyuwangi is a very great place for vacation freaks.
Browsing for a different vacation, I found X-Badeng Tubing Adventure (XBTA) in Banyuwangi Official Site. X-Badeng is pronounced as Kali Badeng, kali means river in Javanese. Kali Badeng flow trough Raung foothills in the Songgon district, 35KM from the capital of Banyuwangi. Kali Badeng’s stream is quiet heavy, yet the river is not as wide as it can be rafted. So, tubing is an alternative extreme water adventure. Along the river, held pine and rubber forests, farm, and cliffs that have a lot of waterfalls.

action before act

Arrived to the camp of X-BTA at Desa Sumberbulu, Kecamatan Songgon, we – my mates Amel and Irma, my home mates Aiiu, and my man Attabik – met pak Yusuf – the  leader of XBTA. Pak Yusuf explained the route, the rules and the facilities.  There are three routes of XBTA, Route 1: extreme, 6.5KM, IDR75k, Route 2: middle, 4KM, IDR50k, and Route 3: Rookie, 3KM, IDR30k. We chose Route 1, extreme. Heumm, although we were newbee, our spirit was pro. My group then joined with another group from Banyuwangi, a gank consisted of ten Unyu yesterday afternoon boys. Aiiu was so excited with them, hmmm teenager. 

Get Ready to Tub 
Before the adventure started, we wore safety equipment, then got to the base 1, starting point of Route 1. Having briefing and relaxation, we got to the river. The view was so great. And the spring water was so fresh. I drunk some. My man drunk too. And Irma, and also Amel.

briefing and warming up
Ok, we were ready. Riding a tube – rubber tube, a big sized tire tube- that modified as a mini raft. Sitting on the tube, we floated along the stream. How we control the tube would determine whether we fall into the stream or not. I fell many times. No, don’t be afraid, the rescue team, pak Yusuf and friends, always ready at the critical spot. And, for the participant that could not finish the route, there was a rescue tube, a big one, that will never fall for the stream. And, as I fell at the first stream, my butt hardly hit a stone, I had to ride the rescue tube.

Rescue team : always ready 

the Stream
Along 6KMs, the view was so great, green, green and green. We stopped several times, had a hot ginger drink or two, fried banana, and some of us had cigarretes. After the second stop, we had a scream stream, the stream was not that screamy, but we could scream loudly. Okay, I can’t explain it well. Let’s see the stream. And, can you hear the scream?

Dam Badeng

 At the end stop, we got a buffet lunch, nasi tempong, special menu from Banyuwangi. Total time from the camp to the camp was about 4 hours. 4 hours was so short. And however paiful my butt for hitting the stone, still, I want to get there again, again and again.

End Stop
For having tubing adventure in XBTA, you have to book it first. For booking, please call Pak Yusuf XBTA: +6285259077923 - +6285236034505

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  1. wow..bertualang menelusuri sungai arus deras dengan memggunakan ban karet..tentunya sangat sensasional..apalagi diujung sungai ada air terjun yang membuat histeria...benar-benar pengalaman yang luarbiasa :-)

  2. waduh, bahasa inggris, gak ngerti.. liat gambarnya aja deh... seruuu ya

  3. waduh sob, nggak ngerti bahasa inggris. Itu arum jeram kan?



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